Trainer Job Description

Job Summary: As a Trainer, you will primarily support the Onboarding and Client Relationships team by developing, delivering, and managing training programs. Additionally, you will extend your expertise to other departments within the organisation to address various training needs.

Your role will involve creating training materials, assessing training effectiveness, and providing ongoing support to ensure that our staff are well-prepared and compliant with internal and regulatory standards.


1. Boost Productivity and Performance

    • Provide comprehensive training programs to improve employees’ technical, soft, and
    • leadership skills.
    • Ensure employees are up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices.

    2. Boost Productivity and Performance

    • Develop training modules that are directly linked to job performance, aiming to increase efficiency and output.
    • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of training sessions to ensure they lead to tangible improvements in productivity.

    3. Support Career Development

    • Facilitate continuous learning and professional development opportunities for employees.
    • Help employees create and follow individualized development plans that align with their career goals and the organization’s needs.

    4. Improve Employee Retention and Satisfaction

    • Foster a learning culture that values development and growth, contributing to higher job satisfaction and retention rates.
    • Provide training that not only focuses on job-related skills but also on personal development and well-being.

    Specific Objectives

    1. Develop and Delivery Training Programs

      • Conduct regular assessments and surveys to identify gaps in knowledge and skills among employees.
      • Collaborate with department heads and managers to understand specific training requirements.

      2. Develop and Delivery Training Programs

      • Design and implement a variety of training programs, including workshops, seminars, e-learning modules, and on-the-job training.
      • Utilize a mix of training methods to cater to different learning styles and preferences.

      3. Evaluate Training Effectiveness

      • Implement evaluation mechanisms to assess the impact of training programs on employee performance.
      • Gather feedback from participants to continuously improve training content and delivery methods.

      4. Stay Updated with Industry Trends

      • Keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry to ensure training content is current and relevant.
      • Network with other training professionals and attend conferences to gain new insights and methodologies.

      5. Develop Training Materials

      • Create comprehensive training materials, including manuals, guides, and multimedia resources.
      • Ensure all materials are accessible and understandable to employees at different levels.

      6. Report on Training Outcomes

      • Provide regular reports to management on the progress and outcomes of training programs.
      • Use data to demonstrate the return on investment (ROI) of training initiatives.

      7. Promote a Learning Culture

      • Encourage a culture where continuous learning and development are integral to the organization’s values.
      • Recognize and reward employees who actively engage in and benefit from training programs.
      • By focusing on these objectives, an in-house trainer can significantly contribute to the development of a skilled, knowledgeable, and motivated workforce, ultimately driving the organisation’s success.

      Key Responsibilities:

      • Training Program Development:
      • Design and develop comprehensive training programs for the Onboarding and Client Relationships team, as well as other departments.
      • Create engaging and effective training materials, including presentations, manuals, and e-learning modules.
      • Training Delivery:
      • Conduct training sessions for new hires and existing employees across multiple departments, ensuring they understand and can apply company policies and procedures.
      • Deliver training through various methods, including in-person workshops, webinars, and online courses.
      • Assessment and Evaluation:
      • Assess the effectiveness of training programs through evaluations, quizzes, and feedback.
      • Continuously improve training content and delivery methods based on feedback and assessment results.
      • Collaboration and Support:
      • Work closely with department managers to identify training needs and ensure alignment with company goals and regulatory requirements.
      • Provide ongoing support and guidance to employees regarding training-related queries and issues.
      • Documentation and Reporting:
      • Maintain accurate records of training activities, attendance, and outcomes.
      • Prepare regular reports on training program effectiveness and areas for improvement.
      • Continuous Improvement:
      • Stay updated on industry trends, regulatory changes, and best practices in training and development.
      • Implement innovative training techniques and technologies to enhance the learning experience.


      • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Finance, Education, or a related field.
      • 3+ years of experience in training and development, preferably within the financial services industry.
      • Strong understanding of onboarding processes and client relationship management.
      • Experience in designing and delivering training programs.
      • Proficient in using training tools and technologies, including e-learning platforms.
      • Excellent communication and presentation skills.
      • Strong organisational and project management skills.

      Preferred Qualifications:

      • Professional certifications in training and development (e.g., CIPD, ATD).
      • Experience with instructional design and adult learning principles.

      Salary: £28k – £32k

      Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

      Pay £28,000.00 – £32,000.00 per year


      • Company events
      • Discounted or free food
      • Health & wellbeing programme
      • On-site parking


      • Monday to Friday

      Work Location: In person

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