Our Brands

The Seventy Ninth™ Family.

Seventy Ninth™ Commercial

Seventy Ninth Commercial is a property division which was launched in 2021 and is dedicated to the acquisition, renovation and management of commercial office assets across the United Kingdom. Following two years of turmoil in the commercial property market caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Seventy Ninth Commercial’s strategy is to predominantly meet the demand of SME (Small Medium Enterprise), by designing and implementing a flexible office model across all of our commercial assets, which provides SME’s with an affordable, flexible and safe environment to work.

Seventy Ninth™ Resources

Established in 2013, and previously known as Lusso Tesoro Asset Management, Seventy Ninth Resources is a natural resource division of The Seventy Ninth Group, and the largest portfolio of natural resource projects in West Africa, measured by number of natural resource concessions under management across the region. The portfolio of resources consists of Gold, Bauxite, Iron Ore, Diamond & Cocoa concessions, the majority of the concessions being situated across the Siguiri Basin, a mineral rich area located in the Republic of Guinea, West Africa.

Seventy Ninth™ Luxury Living

Seventy Ninth Luxury Living is a real estate acquisition and development company and subsidiary of The Seventy Ninth Group which operates in the UK property market, predominantly focused on the acquisition and development of distressed assets in areas of substantial long term growth and rental demand. Established in 2017, Seventy Ninth Luxury Living has undertaken numerous projects across the United Kingdom, and continues to expand its growing portfolio of property and land developments, and has become a trusted brand by investors globally for gaining exposure to the UK property market.

Seventy Ninth™ Global

Seventy Ninth Global is the Capital Markets division of The Seventy Ninth Group and located in the United Kingdom & the United Arab Emirates, with additional partnerships in over twenty other countries. Seventy Ninth Global specialises in the structuring, distribution and management of financial products, solely financing projects of The 79th Group in both the Real Estate & Natural Resource sectors. The division is managed by a qualified and experienced team, some of whom have over 30 years experience in financial services, and have held senior management positions in renowned investment houses.