Our Values

The 79th Group operates on a clear and simple ethical code backed by trust, honesty and integrity.

Our prime objective is to create value for those we work with by utilising our extensive experience to embrace and develop exciting investment opportunities, whilst simultaneously capitalising on our established relationships. By working closely with our stakeholders and partners, we are able to establish more – together.

We Have Invested Our Family Funds Alongside Our Investors

As a family-owned business, we are confident in the potential of each and every project we launch across The 79th Group and its subsidiaries. Our board not only holds a personal investment in our projects, but also a financial one.

We Will Invest In The Communities In Which We Operate.

Investing in the communities in which we operate is a hugely important part of our ethos as an asset management company. As a family-owned and managed business, we value loyalty and respect for our fellow humans, wildlife and the environment. That is why we never purchase a property development or natural resource concession without giving something back to the local community. As plans are being drawn up by our team for the purchase of an asset, so are the plans to detail how we can help the local people, wildlife and environment.

Our Business Is Built On Honest, Open and Long-Term Relationships.

The nature of our company means that we choose only to work with the most trusted and well-respected brands to mitigate risks for both our company and our stakeholders. Thanks to the connections built up by our board throughout their many years in the asset management sector, we have partnered with the leading names in law, accounting and geology. Thorough due diligence is undertaken prior to working with a company to assess whether their ethos aligns with that of The 79th Group.

Meet the family.

Jake Webster

Managing Director

Curtis Webster

Investment Director

Natalie Bellis

Chief Executive Officer

Gary Pitts

Non-executive Director

Andy Cole CBE

Board Advisor

Adrienne Kelbie CBE

Non-executive Director

Genevieve Pearson

Non-executive Director

Andor Lips

Non-executive Director

Gill Newman

Chief Operating Officer

Alicia McMahon

Human Resources Manager

Justine Murphy

Group Legal Executive

Glen Parker

Group Operations Manager

Aaron Crotty

Investment Manager

Colin Smith

Chief Marketing Officer

Alexander Jenkinson

Client Support Team Manager

Vincent Topping

Group Finance Manager

Ashley Weston

Executive Assistant

Phil Hayton

Social Media & Events Manager

Amy Jones

Investment Onboarding Officer

Adam Kendal-Crispin

Investment Onboarding Officer

Leanne Hodgson

Investment Onboarding Officer

Rhian Pennington

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Georgia Peach

Relationship Manager

Jamie Mather

Relationship Manager

Matthew Kinsey

Graphic Designer

Georgia Dutton

Graphic Designer

Kat O’Sullivan

Project Manager

Amy Wockenforth

HR Assistant

Seventy Ninth™ Global Team

Ben Rockell ACSI

Head of Business Development

Experienced Investor Fund Directors.