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The 79th Group’s Response to Covid-19

During the last 12 months, the outbreak of Covid-19 has changed the world of business like never before. At The 79th Group, whilst we have enjoyed tremendous growth and success during this uncertain period of time, we have also had to drastically adapt our working practices. Keeping our staff, partners, and clients safe has always been our top priority.

Investing is our business, our area of expertise – it’s what we do. We provide niche investment opportunities for our clients in order for them to see a significant return. When Covid-19 hit, one area we decided to invest in ourselves was weekly testing by a trained nurse for all members of staff on site. Due to the sensitive information that we work with daily, although some divisions have been able to work out of the office, transferring our entire operation to home working was just not feasible. With test results ready in just 20 minutes, this investment has proven indispensable in supporting our ability to keep our staff safe and our business running.

Social distancing is practiced around the office, along with dividers surrounding each desk and a number of hand sanitizing stations, with regular hand washing and respiratory hygiene undertaken by everyone in the team.

Along with the rest of the business world, we have of course taken full advantage of Zoom when regular meetings haven’t been possible. However, to keep operations moving ahead, we also secured a number of Rapid Antigen self-testing systems for times when our consultants and business partners joined us on site. Guests have been asked to remain in a separate room until a negative result appeared, when they were then able to go through to our main office.

It is worth noting how proud we are of what The 79th Group has achieved during a global pandemic. We’ve redeemed our 2019 loan note in full, employed 9 new members of staff, acquired several new sites for property development, not to mention a goldmine in West Africa.

As we find ourselves coming out of the other side of the pandemic with a promising vaccine rollout, we will continue to keep these measures in place for the time being to minimise the impact on our staff and business.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our staff for their strength, cooperation, and resilience throughout the pandemic. They have all supported our ability to navigate these unprecedented times while continuing to deliver excellent production levels.