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The Story So Far

79th Group have an enviable team with decades of hands on experience in property, commodities, finance, fund raising and strategy. We work well, together.
1991 – Where it all began

Dave ventured into the property sector, realising the potential, and purchased his first buy to let property.

Our Chairman

Dave Webster, left school at 15 to join the family retail business, focusing on market trading in the Merseyside area.

From 1 to 800 properties

Spanning a 15 year period, Dave was, at one point in time, the largest landlord in the UK.

Between 2000-2007

Dave was pivotal in setting up Merseyside Developments, and delivering thousands of properties in the North West of England, alongside the Innovation Group to aid professional players under a licence with the PFA (Professional Football Association).

In 2011

Dave sold the shares in both companies, and semi retired.

In 2013

Dave was given the opportunity to partner with and consult for law firms in regards to the precious metals sector in West Africa – SNR Dentons, Sheikh Maktoom – and introduced his son, Jake to this sector. In 2014, the Websters set up their first mining company in Guinea.

From 2015

the Company strategy was formed utilising the families extensive experience in the property and mining sector, and the Websters gained invaluable experience in Guinea working with local partners and Companies, building up essential relationships in the Country.

In 2020

Lusso Tesoro was born, as the Websters planned to purchase their first mine in Guinea.- 79th Luxury Living repaid their investors during Covid-19.- 79th Group was established with aggressive plans to move forward in the property and mining sectors.