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Private Fund Launch

Lusso Tesoro is offering a unique and exciting opportunity to invest in our new Private Fund linked to the gold mining industry in West Africa, and this exclusive product will be available from early May 2021.

Our experts have spent the past eight years building unrivaled contacts and trust among local decision-makers and influential indigenous people in the Republic of Guinea, where they’re still exists considerable untapped reserves of the world’s most precious commodity.

While many of our competitors have pulled out of the West African state during the risky coronavirus pandemic period, our decision to stay on the ground and remain committed to local communities has put Lusso Tesoro in pole position when it comes to identifying and purchasing distressed gold mines when they get into financial trouble.

We have unparalleled, preferential access to the market, at a time when the value of gold is at a record high and more important to the global economy than ever before.