Chairman’s statement

Our Chairman, Dave Webster, provides a statement updating us on important developments and policies adopted in the Seventy Ninth Group to help further our commitment to compliance and build our network.


As a valued partner of Seventy Ninth Group, I felt compelled to update you on some important developments and policies being adopted by the Company across our worldwide operations.

Our commitment to Compliance is what sets us apart from our competitors, as well as our Company values:

  • Ethical material sourcing
  • Conflict free business policy
  • Adoption of humanitarian principles such as humanity, impartiality and neutrality
  • Corporate social responsiblity in the areas in which we operate

The Company has invested heavily in a substantial compliance framework in order to protect the Company, our valued investors, strategic partners and employees. There are several layers of compliance and training, and continuous risk assessment that have been adopted and implemented by the Board, including the following:

  • UK Anti Money Laundering Policy
  • UK Anti Bribery Policy
  • Corporate Criminal Offence Policy

We are further enhancing our compliance policies and processes with the recent implementation of the following:

  • Anti Slavery Policy
  • GDPR Policy
  • Privacy Policy

The board has adopted policies for each of these areas and implemented ongoing risk assessment of parties and transactions associated with the Company. The Company has retained the services of a third-party expert to provide training and ongoing expertise in this area, namely STS Europe who have extensive experience in these areas.

The Company also engages with a number of renowned Companies across the globe to provide specialist advice in the sectors in which we operate, and these include the following:

We only partner with the best in class, who mirror our importance on compliance, to provide us with expert services which benefit both the Company, and our investors. We obtain independent valuations and reports from our partners on a regular basis, giving complete peace of mind to all associated with Seventy Ninth Group.

We are excited about our future, having all the pieces in place with an excellent and trusted network, and we look forward to you being part of the journey.

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