The Seventy Ninth Group and its subsidiaries adhere to the very highest standards of compliance, with a sophisticated suite of internal policies and procedures in place to ensure that the business operates in the most secure and professional manner.


ISO 9001 Accredited
ISO 14001 Accredited

We are ISO accredited for standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001; this demonstrates our compliance and environmental management. We ensure that we are exceeding recognised standards and demonstrating our commitment to protecting the environment. Requirements include, but are not limited to:

• Implementing a quality management system.
• Undertaking internal auditing.
• Regularly evaluating third party service providers.
• Reducing the environmental impact of our processes.
• Improving the efficiency of our resources, energy and waste management.


Our Green Mark accreditation demonstrates our commitment to environmental sustainability within our physical premises in the UK. Our commitments include:

• Implementing an environmental management system, including Reuse and Recycle policies
• Auditing the systems and policies in place to continue best practice within the workplace

UN Global Compact

As approved participants in the United Nations Global Compact, we are transparent and frequently report on our commitments towards building a sustainable future. The Board has elected to follow the United Nations ten core principles based on Human Rights, Labour Standards, Environmental Issues and Anti-Corruption as they offer the perfect synergy to our pledges.

The Seventy Ninth Group and its subsidiaries adhere to the very highest standards of compliance, with a sophisticated suite of internal policies and procedures in place to ensure that the business operates in the most secure and professional manner.


As a participant of the United Nations Global Compact, and accredited by Green Mark and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the Seventy Ninth Group is guided by the most stringent standards and regulations in Environmental Social & Governance.

The Green Mark and ISO accreditations demonstrate our commitment to environmental sustainability within our physical premises in the United Kingdom, implementing a Reuse and Recycle policy that aims to cut consumption within the workplace. Each employee is encouraged to audit their waste management to work towards environmental sustainability by focusing on their own responsibility of recycling.

As a natural resource owner, the Seventy Ninth Groups stringent ethical practices are essential in an industry fraught with negative reputations due to the devastating effects mining operations have on the natural habitats of wildlife, often contributing to deforestation and contaminating water supplies.

Through a collection of internal policies, including a dedicated Climate Change and Biodiversity strategy, each of our mining concessions must undergo strict due diligence that accounts for environmental and physical climate change risk, energy and water efficiencies.

Surveys are undertaken to assess the impact of potential harm on the natural environment including social impact studies, ecological surveys and environmental impact risk assessments, all of which are evidenced by our commitment as a member of the United Nations and their operating principles aligning to their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


The communities that surround our property developments and natural resource concessions are of utmost importance to our family.

Our Chairman and Directors, Jake and Curtis Webster, have spent weeks at a time in the Republic of Guinea and have seen first-hand the issues that need to be addressed. The communities within and around our natural resource concessions have been incredibly supportive of our family for many years and we believe in investing in the communities and have vowed to:

  • Fund the creation of a local school, medical centre and medical staff
  • Offer local employment and pay a fair wage
  • Supply tools and equipment through agricultural possibilities
  • Provide clean water and environmentally-friendly reusable bottles


Our Board and advisors consist of some of the most well-respected names in the legal and finance industries, including Andy Cole CBE (former Senior Director of HM Revenue & Customs), Phil Jones (an accountant with nearly half a century of experience in finance) and Adrienne Kelbie CBE (an expert in nuclear regulation and a leading voice on women in mining).

Operating in a legal and transparent manner, our stakeholders can be assured of our commitment to protecting their investments. The nature of our company means that we choose only to work with the most trusted and well-respected brands to mitigate risks for both our company and our stakeholders.

We have partnered with leading names in law, accounting and geology including SRK Exploration, world-leaders in mineral exploration and Fieldfisher LLP, a prominent European law firm.

Anti-Money Laundering

We ensure alignment to Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations and protect the business and its future ventures through stringent onboarding and due diligence processes. By utilising trusted and regulated vendors, we ensure that we maintain the highest standards with clear and precise risk flagging procedures that feed directly into our board of directors and management team.

Data Protection

We take data security seriously and understand that to protect all of our stakeholders, we must ensure that adequate and robust security measures are in place. We enforce data protection regulations from the ground up through internal protocols, policies, and awareness, which are underpinned by our appropriately qualified vendors.

ICO Registration number: ZA875939

Supply Chain Management

Our supply chain is an extension of our own environment. Therefore, we expect our suppliers, vendors and partners alike to abide by the standards we ourselves maintain. We complete thorough due diligence on all suppliers prior to any onboarding and monitor their performance to ensure they uphold compliance and legal obligations as well as mitigate risk to delivery.

Continuous Risk Assessment

Compliance is agile and evolving. As an asset management company operating across borders with multiple third parties and financial institutions in many different jurisdictions, the company has committed to continuous risk assessment. This dynamic process is designed to not only protect the team, the principals and family members who are directly involved in, and responsible for, the governance of the business, but also to protect the company’s stakeholders.

Ethics and Conduct

The foundation of our business is the relationships we have built – all of which are based on trust, honesty and integrity. We operate in a fair, legal and transparent manner with clearly defined processes for disclosure. We set ourselves apart from competitors through our upstanding ethics and values.


Our ongoing relationships and ventures sometimes mean operating in high-risk jurisdictions; this means that we have a strong view of labour standards. We are committed to ensuring that we – and our supply chain – uphold international human rights standards, laws and regulations and do not become complacent when faced with challenges.