We target renowned, undervalued holiday parks, setting the industry standard for investors in an untapped real estate market sector.


We identify undervalued projects in the UK, with a focus on the leisure and holiday park sector. Our investment strategy is informed by extensive market analysis, which has allowed us to recognise a rapidly expanding demand for these types of properties throughout the United Kingdom.

1. Opportunity Discovery

Our experienced team target highly desirable land development opportunities to deliver residential and commercial schemes, based on profitability, growth and future demand.

2. Strategic Acquisitions

As a market disruptor, we look for opportunities where others may not. We work alongside our professional partners to acquire, develop and manage property assets to secure profitability for our company and stakeholders.

3. Sell or Retain

We engage with prospective buyers in both local and international markets. If not sold, properties are refined or retained on our portfolio to generate income streams.

Delivering excellence in leisure park development.

The Seventy Ninth Group team is made up of seasoned industry professionals who are experts in their respective fields. Our ability to navigate times of economic uncertainty provides our clients with peace of mind. 

100+ targeted holiday lodges to be built and rented.
700 holiday lodges pipelined to be developed across our target holiday parks over the next two years
Our plans project an estimated revenue of £300M over the next 24 months

Our board of directors have been innovating in the real estate industry for over 30 years, and our Chairman, David Webster, was previously the UK’s largest private landlord with a portfolio of over 800 properties.

The Seventy Ninth Group is chaired and managed by The Webster Family, who entered the UK property sector over 30 years ago. It holds a unique and advantageous position in the property market, specialising in the acquisition, management and development of desirable property assets during times of economic turmoil and uncertainty.

The rise of UK staycations: a rapidly changing tourism landscape

Work with us

Benefit from our innovative strategies, grounded in a vigorous acquisition process. We are a team made up of some of the most trusted and well-respected names within their field.

Investing for the future

With inflation rates reaching record highs, the Seventy Ninth Group presents an alternative strategy. Our approach aims to provide our clients with peace of mind during these uncertain times.

The 79th Journal

Our thoughts. Our work. Our experiences.