Women in business week with Adrienne Kelbie.

Adrienne Kelbie, our Non-executive Director, answers some questions about working in the property industry and the challenges faced by women working in male-dominated sectors, providing advice to other women in business.

How Long Have You Been In The Property Industry?

I’m new to the property industry, but have been in senior leadership roles for over 20 years, and have a background in operations, people and regulation.

What Attracted You To The Property Industry?

I was approached by the Seventy Ninth Group Chair and his sons, and we felt that I could bring a different perspective and skillset.  They’re a hard team to say no to!

What Challenges Have You Experienced Working In a Male-Dominated Industry?

I’ve been working with the nuclear sector for nearly 6 years so I’m used to male-dominated sectors. I see the challenges of a lack of diversity as being groupthink, lacking an open mind, and failing to appeal to all the demographics for any service or product. Ultimately, the Board has to set a tone that a diverse team is a strong team, and that means listening and seeking to understand different perspectives rather than doing what’s always been done.

What Would Your Advice Be For Women In The Industry?

My advice to anyone is to work hard, do what makes you happy, and when people don’t treat you as you need, be straight about what change is necessary.

Can You Describe Your Role?

As a Non-Executive Director, my role is to set strategy, ensure good governance, and while maintaining appropriate independence, also support the growing team to excel.

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