The Old Workhouse

Number of Dwellings: 34

Gross development value: 10.2 million

Project History

Situated close to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Hadrian’s Wall in the county of Northumberland, Hexham has been named amongst the happiest places to live in Britain. Coupled with its excellent transport facilities to Newcastle upon Tyne, there are many factors at play that make Hexham an extremely desirable place to live.

Historically, developers have seen vast potential in The Old Workhouse, but time and again, they have been unable to realise said potential.

In late 2020, the project presented itself to us and was assessed thoroughly by our acquisitions team. Due to the amount of false starts the developments had previously seen, our team conduct extensive due diligence and plans for projects to ensure their financial viability; we were happy to find that this opportunity fitted perfectly with our area of expertise.

Our plans for the project

Due to the rich history of the site and its surrounding area, we are committed to treating this development with the utmost care and sensitivity. With our purchase of the site completed and around-the-clock security measures in place, we are excited to continue to progress with construction works on the development.

Local residents and community groups such as the Hexham Civic Society are keen to see this redevelopment completed. Restoration of this historical site not only allows us to breathe new life into these long-neglected buildings but also provides us with the opportunity to find new and interesting ways to give back to the area by supporting local fundraising organisations. 

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